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    May 25 2024

Cửu Dương Truyền Kỳ

Jubilantly welcoming the 3rd birthday, the new version Tam Nien Chi Cuoc updates a series of special features and activities:1. Billionaire Vo Lien Server – Ky Tai Appears2. Super Summoned Beasts – Protects Owners3. New Superheroes - Power Up4. Ky Mon Protecting Shield - Turning Danger into An5. Roleplaying the Five Elements – Mutual Convergence6. Hunting for unlocked items – Getting rich is not difficult---SPECIAL FEATURES ---1. BILLION VU LIEN SERVER - A GENERAL TECHNOLOGY AppearsThan bring great learning martial arts, great will conquer the world, now, martial arts masters have more playgrounds to prove their strength through dramatic competitions with the 3vs3 combat feature. Players can pair up with other players to attend or create teams to attend. Top 100 players with the highest ranking points will receive attractive gifts such as: treasure bags, shield chests, progress knitting .... 2. SUPER SUPER MONSTER - PROTECTION OF OWNERLaunched 2 new super summoned beasts: Thien Ho and Lei Thiem. The beast in Cuu Duong Truyen Ky is likened to an indispensable companion for each player. Each summoned beast has different growth stats for the character and helps the player's combat power increase significantly. In addition to the above 2 summoned beasts, there are still many other common and rare summoned beasts waiting for you to own, get them now!3. NEW COURT PRODUCTS - LEVEL POWERNot only is it a support tool on the way, but it is also a symbol of strength, helping players to show their extraordinary temperament and show pride. At PBM this time, Cuu Duong released 2 new knights, Do Linh Dieu (Orange product) with the ability to transform magic, Kim Linh Phuong (red product) extremely luxurious, very beautiful, unleashing for collectors. range.4. KY MON HO THUAN - CHANGING NGUYEN THANH ANYou are having difficulty when PK with someone with higher combat power, you are stuck when exploiting weaknesses to defeat the opponent. Don't worry, the new feature Ky Mon Ho Thuan will help you solve all these problems.Players reaching level 250 will unlock the shield feature. Shields are divided into different types of stats and skills. When equipping the shield, it will increase the character's attributes depending on the star level and the level of the shieldTherefore, based on your strength and your opponent's, you will calculate how to use different Shields to easily win in every PK match.5. IMPOSSIBLE ACTIVITIES - DIFFERENT INTERACTIONSComing to Cuu Duong Truyen Ky, the heroes have the opportunity to transform into the nine great martial arts sects: Cai Bang, Duong Mon, Nga Mi, Shaolin, Wudang, Ngu Doc, Minh Giao.... The unique feature of this game is that the elements of the five elements are related to each other - very special, the sects are divided into 5 systems: Metal - Wood - Earth - Water - Fire; It is this factor that has created the top PVP screens, fighting with skills, combining tactics at a macro level with hundreds of players in the same state of war, siege ...6. HUNTING UNLOCKED THINGS - GET RICH WITHOUT HARDCuu Duong Truyen Ky has a tradeable UNLOCKED item, to bring more balance to cultivators and depositors. Through the hunting activities of the Evil Boss, the Boss of the Picnic Leader, etc. will bring many valuable equipment. This makes it suitable for players who don't need to invest but can still become big traders.…………Is all of the above enough to conquer you? What are you waiting for, let's join Cuu Duong Truyen Ky and join the guild to proclaim the Gypsy!
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