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    Jun 16 2023


This Emulator is a tribute for the highest-selling single computer model of all time: C64 - A Legend. The main focus was an almost perfect graphical user interface (GUI) and also emulation. After about 5 month, 14 hours each day, of hard work to make it happen, it's available now :-)It's a part of my plan for my upcoming new C64 Multiplayer Universe 2020! An idea I've been working on for a year and a half (2018). I know a lot of people don't like the idea, but I think the idea is fantastic. If you want to be a part of this future, you can support the project by purchasing the app.Features: • Up to 4 external Gamepads (USB or Bluetooth) and an external Keyboard (USB or Bluetooth)• 2 Fingers Pinch Sizeable/Movable OnScreen Touch Pads• Touch Keyboard• Fullscreen Mode• Automatic stored Savegame• Manually temporary Gamestate• 4 free fillable and switchable ROM Banks (like: JiffyDos, SpeedDos, DolphinDos, Exos)• ReSID x 3 (Address: d400, d420, d440 | Sampling: Fast, because for interpolating/resampling are the most android devices not fast enough), Scanline Shader, and more... . No configuration required. • Gamepad Button Remapper (as purchasable Item)• Visual Memory & Code Analyzer (as purchasable Item)• Screen Adjustments (Brightness, Saturation, Scanlines, Tube Bend, Vignette, X/Y Zoom, RGB) as purchasable ItemHow to Start: Place the C64 system files (ROMs: Kernel, Basic, Char, 1541II) and also the games you want to play (.prg .p00 .t64 .d64 .g64 .tap .crt .sid), somewhere on your Android Device (a good place is the "Download" Folder in the internal memory). That's it. Remote Load: You can also place your dumped C64 System Files on your Webserver (https only) to load them from there (then you can find the files in the internal memory folder "Download"). That's easier than to handle it with USB in some cases. The remote load function can catch a wide range of different file names and versions. Please be sure that these are your own dumped ROMs from your own C64. How to dump the ROM chips of your C64 with an Eprom Reader you can read on serval websites. I've used my MINIPRO TL866 EPROMMER. Four free fillable and switchable ROM Banks (for speeders like: Dolphin, SpeedDos, Jiffy, ...)To fill one of the ROM banks, copy the needed speeder ROMs (or the original C64 ROMs) into the Android device. Press one of the 4 ROM bank places (left bottom corner), then wait. After successful boot, remove the speeder ROMs from the android device. Now you can fill the next ROM bank in the same way. To clear a ROM bank place, you have to press it "long" (2,5 Seconds).Known Bugs:* Random NDK crash reported by one user, it's rare, but this have to be fixed ** Not all .sid files are working (at this time only v2 and addr: $1000-$9000)* For smooth scrolling with 60Hz Displays you have to switch to NTSC Mode (but PAL Mode is also nearly smooth)If you need help (features, fixes, crashes), please enter the forum: https://www.makeithappend.org/forumHint: this app is based on the fantastic vice emulator from the vice team and was modified a lot, and if you interested on the gpl source code, please enter the forum.
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Version : 3.09 for Android 5.1 or higher

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