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Cell Spy Catcher 3.5.3 APK

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    Feb 13 2023

Cell Spy Catcher

This App will Help you in Detecting IMSI Catchers (also called Fake Cell Towers or Stingrays).For several years the FBI and Local Police have been listening to our Calls and Reading our Text Messages, using so-called IMSI-catchers. One Example of such a Fake Cell Tower is the Stingray, which is produced in the USA.Stingrays are Mobile Devices that simulate Cell Phone Towers, forcing nearby Phones to Connect to them. They can Identify your Phone, and possibly listen to your Calls. Without having to put a Spy app in your Phone!These Cell Spy Devices can capture Information from All Cell Phones within Range, including IMSI Identity, Location, SMS Messages, Call Logs and Call content. (IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity, which will Identify your Phone).It is known that at least 53 Agencies in 21 States own Stingrays.Law Enforcement Agencies, Foreign Powers - and possibly Criminals - are using such Cell Site Simulators for Surveillance Purposes - without our knowledge.Cell Spy Devices can be Hand-carried, or be mounted in Vehicles, Airplanes, Helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.During a Self Learning Process, the App will learn all Networks (Cell Towers, Base Stations) that are used by your Phone.After the Self Learning Process - if this App should happen to Detect one of these Cell Spies, you will be Warned by an Optional Sound and/or an Optional RED Screen. The simplest way to avoid being Listened In On, is then to turn off your Phone for a while, or at least to keep silent.When the App Detects a Network that is not included in its Internal Database, it will Consult an External Database of Networks. If the Network is not Found there, it is assumed to be UNKNOWN.Features:- Very Easy to Use- Self Learning Process- Periodic Checks for Networks- Selectable Network Checking Period- Logging of All Events- Internal (Self Learned) Database- Integration with External Database (OpenCellId)- Optional Detection, Logging and Warning of Unknown Networks- Even Attacks only lasting for a few seconds can be Detected- Measurement of Duration of Attacks- List of All Identified Networks- Export of CSV File- Analysis of Current and Historical Network Data- Warning Level Assessment- Support for GSM, UMTS/WCDMA, CDMA and LTE- Battery Saving Design- Using a Passive GPS Location Technique, to save power- Internet Access is RECOMMENDED, but NOT necessarily Required- Internet Access WILL Improve the Detection Quality of Unknown Networks- Always Running in the Background, even when Phone sleeps- Auto Restart at Boot Time- Rooted Phone NOT Required- No Special Phone/Hardware Required- Also works on Tablets with SIM Card- Lots of Answers to FAQs- Info about Fake Cell Towers, Stingray, etcHow To Use:After you have Opened the App the First Time, you should Start the Self Learning Process (which may take a few Days), and have the Phone with you at All Times - where ever you may be - in order for the App to LEARN about ALL Local Networks.If you move to another place, you should Restart the Self Learning Process.By using this App, you participate in the large collaborative community project OpenCellID - which collects the Locations of Mobile/Cellular Phone Towers, which now is a Database that contains almost 7 million unique Mobile/Cellular Phone Tower IDs. Use of this Database will increase the Probability of Detecting REAL UNKNOWN Cell Towers - and thus to Find IMSI-Catchers - and you can be an Active Part if it!If you should NEVER Detect a Fake Cell Tower - you should consider yourself LUCKY - and NOT BLAME us! Many problems seem to be caused by simple Misunderstandings. So if you have a problem - that cannot be answered by the FAQs Section of the App - please send us an Email - before you consider making a Bad Rating. Maybe we can help you. [email protected]/* */
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