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Shake your android phone just like physical Damaru enjoys it.Damaru is a very unique musical instrument, There is the meth that Damaru is the first musical instrument on the Earth.How to play it?There are three ways to play Damaru simulator. 1. Shake damru like physical Damaru. 2. Manually touch your finger on Damaru and move up and move down. 3. Automatic as the name suggest Damaru will play itself.You can use it as a toy for your child.Damaru is small double sided hand drum with a leather string tied over the narrow middle part of it, where knotted, wooden or bone ends make of rattling sound on the drum's membranes, when swung. It is a small drum with two sides separated from each other by a thin neck - like structure symbolizes the two utterly dissimilar states of existence, unamani fest and manifest. Damaru has a resonator which is anywhere from 4 - 10 inches in length and 3 - 8 inches in diameter. The resonators are laced together with cords. The knots on each end strike both heads to produce a rattling sound. This is affected by rotating drum rapidly in alternating directions. The pitch is bent by squeezing lacing. When a damaru is vibrated it produces dissimilar sound which are fused together by resonance to create to create one sound. The sound thus produced symbolizes Nada, the cosmic sound of AUM, which can be heard during deep meditation. According to Hindu scriptures, Nada is the source of creation.In Hinduism, the damru is known as the instrument of the deity Shiva, and is said to be created by Shiva to produce spiritual sounds by which the whole universe has been created and regulated. The damaru is very common throughout the Indian subcontinent. The damaru is known as a power drum, and when played, it is believed to generate spiritual energy. when encountered the term within an Indian context, it refers to a double - headed drum usually made from wood and looking like two halves of a coconut have been joined back to back. A damaru may have one or two strings attached with a small ball or bead that make a rattle - like sound when the drum is rotated rapidly in alternating directions.This type of drum is often carried by Lord Shiva and his various manifestations and symbolizes speech or language and in extension the sacred alphabet by means of which sound creation proceeded on its way.In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the damaru is part of a collection of sacred implements and musical instrument was adopted from the tantric practices of ancient India. These reached the Himalayas from the 8th to 12th century, persisting in Tibet as the practice of Vajrayana flourished there, even as it vanished in the subcontinent of India.USES OF DAMARU:The damaru has very strong cultural associations in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It is strongly associated with the God Shiva and Sadhus in Hindu religion. In Buddhism Damaru is used for different ritual ceremony. It is used by monks in Buddhist Monastery. Damarus are used ceremonially during certain temple rituals and are symbols of the Hindu God, Shiva. Shiva is commonly depicted holding a damaru from which the rhythm of all creative manifestation emanate. In Tantric Buddhist ritual in Tibet and Nepal the damaru instructs us and reminds us of impermanence as the sound summons forth the female deities called Dakini, and celebrates the triumph over misery that is achieved by practice of the secret arts of the Unexcelled Yoga Tantras. The damaru is a ritual drum played by tantriks when performing puja. The fascinating and mystical ritual drums Damaru are important both in Buddhist and Hindu religion. The damaru we provided in this app are beautifully decorated with colorful silk tassel which looks extremely beautiful and produces perfect sound. Perfect sound and balance, excellent quality ritual drum.
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