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Mad Goat Destruction Simulator

Before you - a completely crazy game in which there are no rules. You have to ... become a goat! And not just a goat, but a merry cloven-hoofed one who unconstrainedly destroys everything in its path! And it is the destruction of as many objects as possible that is the main goal of the game. Hone your horns and dive into the whirlpool of goat's insanity!Your funny goat simulator is the embodiment of destructive power. One blow of his horns with ease pierces the walls and throws people to tens of meters. The action takes place in the most ordinary city, where you can attack shops, houses, snack bars, office centers and any other types of institutions. The goat itself is absolutely inseparable, that is, neither a powerful explosion, nor a fall from any height can not do any harm to it. The possibilities of your horned destroyer in this game are completely unlimited!The game is an excellent example of a dynamic absurdity that can make any player laugh. Many explosions, falls and reactions of characters to what is happening are so deliberately unnatural that it can not help but amuse. For example, your goat can break in, ripping all your money vaults with your horns. Or he can arrange absolute chaos in the school, spreading the desks and pupils in different directions. And just imagine how epic and hilarious it will be to see a meeting of important politicians, to which a crazy goat suddenly breaks, ruining everything in its path!Goat features:- You are a goat!- Get the most points for the most spectacular destruction!- Funny bugs that were specially introduced by developers to amuse you!- Constantly changing physics of the game!- The collapse of everything on its way!- A real parade of goat-crazy!Show that the goats are the coolest animals in the world!
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Mad Goat Destruction Simulator 1.1 for Android 4.1 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.1 for Android 4.1 or higher

Update on : 2018-01-07

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