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Photometer PRO

We all want more light in our lives. But how much is too much? And how much is not enough? That's where Photometer PRO comes in.Our lux light measure app - Photometer PRO - helps you measure the brightness of your environment so that you can get the right amount of light for every situation. 👉 WHO CAN BENEFIT from our lux light measure app?Whether you're a construction worker trying to compare different light levels after switching out your Halogen bulbs for LEDs, or just a flower hobbyist who wants to make sure each of your plants gets exactly the right amount of light, our lux light measure app - Photometer PRO - has got you covered. It even helps biology teachers practice photosynthesis!✅INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: whether you are a lighting designer, architect, electrician or just working from your home office - you can use the app to measure light levels and optimize lighting conditions, increasing productivity and enhancing the visual appeal of your projects✅IMPROVE YOUR PLANT'S GROWTH: whether you are a horticulturist, greenhouse owner, or just a millennial (as we are!) who loves a little jungle in your home - you can use the app's PPFD calculator to determine the optimal light levels for plant growth, helping them create ideal growing conditions✅SAVE THE ENERGY: our lux light measure app - Photometer PRO - helps homeowners, business owners, and lighting professionals select the right light bulbs and lighting fixtures, reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable living✅IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: proper exposure to bright light, cool light, or a specific lighting schedule can significantly reduce the perception of stress and burnout. Light also plays a key role in setting and regulating the body’s biological clock (hormone function, like melatonin)👉 FEATURESWith high-accuracy light measurement, you can be sure that your readings are as precise as possible. You can even export all your measurements to a CSV file and work with the data like a professional. Plus, the app offers many functionalities, including Lux and Foot-candle units, Full light sensor information & calibration, PPFD Calculator, a Greenhouse module, a Photovoltaics module, and more.✅ High-accuracy light measurement✅ Export all measurements (lx, fx, W/m2) to a CSV✅ Lux and Foot-candle units✅ Measures & record minimum, average and maximum brightness possible✅ Full light sensor information & calibration✅ Measure indoors & outdoors✅ Compare the room’s brightness level✅ Light meter to do experiments✅ Test flashlights and other light equipment✅ Setup projector screen✨MODULES✨🔸LIGHT MAP - make a light map of your interior and check if your home is adequately lit🔸PHOTOVOLTAICS - measure light volume, record and create a real-time light volume graph to improve your electricity production🔸PHOTOGRAPHY - measure exposure, lux/foot-candle, f-number, and shutter speed as well as ISO sensitivity🔸GREENHOUSE - measure and calculate supplemental light in your greenhouse or indoors with many light sources option🔸AQUARIUM - measure the adequate amount of light needed in your aquarium for plants, based on their type and size🔸RGB - measure color temperature (R, G, B) and the amount of lux using a camera in your smartphone✨CALCULATORS✨ you can find in our lux light measure app - Photometer PRO✅ Greenhouse module with PPFD calculations✅ PPFD Calculator✅ Lux to Lumen Calculator✅ Lumen to Lux Calculator✅ Lux to Candela Calculator✅ Candela to Lux Calculator✨Other benefits✨✅ Support many languages✅ Smart, minimalistic, simple, and intuitive user interface✅ Dark Mode✅ Instant start & excellent performance✅ Insights & Knowledge base✅ Ready for professional & productive usage✅ A closed beta group for PRO users💡 Photometer PRO is a project with a bold vision: Provide free and open access to light measurements and knowledge to everyone worldwide.More:
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