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Pony Friendship Craft

Friendship, rainbow and ponies! Check out the new pony town! Chat with little horses (chat mode available)! Make friends with them! Protect the pony ville from evil moon nightmare ponies! Ride a pixel unicorn and pony! Sparkle! Play a little pony game from morning to twilight! Make friends with animals, build, explore and create.Girls craft - Creative game for girls. Little Pony minicraft! Great pocket edition story mode minicraft sim with good ponies and evil ponies! Pony princess must be protected! Little pony celebration party is on! This is the land of little pony! Explore it! Pony craft! Create your own pony and name it Coco or Angela! Pony games free! Blocky world with cute sweet animals - little horses!! A great color game for adults, kids! Great game for boys and girls! Crafting and building the fashion world! Play the free game with your friends or high school crush! Build a sim spa or nail salon or maybe pet shop and have fun with friends! Play from morning ‘til twilight! Make friends with cute animals - cute cats/ponies and puppies! Build anything using blocks. Build a cube blocky world! Lite Exploration, crafting & building. Pocket edition of Little Pony girls craft - a free cool game for girls! Become a fairy, build a castle or a palace! Use your creativity! Take your pony to hairdresser salon or a shopping mall! Tycoon type game! Build a glam doll house and decorate it with colorful furniture and wallpapers! Design and fashion cute games from the best girls sim games developer! Girlscraft! Create a unicorn and pony academy! Rainbow, sparkles and colorful blocks! Coco (Play) the little horse awaits you! Pony simulator (sim game) for free!Extreme makeover! Minicraft pony edition! Oh my! Little pony world needs to be discovered! Explore the colorful open world of “Little Pony Survival Craft”. Play the world’s most popular pony life simulation game! Build a city or explore the magic forest. Girls craft the new story! Fantasy game for kids! You can have a boyfriend, build a house and have a family! Build Rainbow or a magic tree! Have a boyfriend, construct a house in this building simulator game! Top game for top girl! Lite game - pocket edition! Pony games free! Boys and girls craft. Build a whole town! Join your favorite princess ponies & unicorns in the most prestigious fashion & academy around! Oh my! Little pony can be your friend! Collect them, play with them. Protect the pony ville from the evil moon nightmares or bake a strawberry cake and enjoy creative mode! Create your cute story with ponies and a sweet cube world! Building and crafting for girls! Upcoming features:Multiplayer (multicraft)Crafting items (girls craft!)Building craft modeSurvival exploration lite modeCube blocky craftWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeCute Story mode (Little Pony Quest!)Design and build a pony town!Chat with other ponies!Explore the cute world!
Pony Friendship Craft APK Version History
Pony Friendship Craft 1.3.minapi19 for Android 4.4 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.3.minapi19 for Android 4.4 or higher

Update on : 2019-05-25

Download APK (61.51 MB)

Pony Friendship Craft 1.1 for Android 4.4 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.1 for Android 4.4 or higher

Update on : 2019-02-10

Download APK (57.75 MB)

Pony Friendship Craft 1.0 for Android 4.1 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.0 for Android 4.1 or higher

Update on : 2017-02-25

Download APK (51.86 MB)