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Scary ice cream horror game 2020

Will you be able to solve all the mysteries of ice-cream van?Here is where your adventure & hood of horror in ice will start with Scary Ice Scream man. Ice Screem game is about an evil, inhuman kind icecream in Ice-cream parlor owner who sells ice cream and buy meat as he kidnaps the people loves ice-cream.No one has any clue where they are going but you know that the missing of these people is somehow related to this Ice Scream evil man. He has an evil spell of ice screem by which he takes control over his staff. All the staff members are under his spell and they do what they are told to do. Evil Ice Screem man also has a supernatural power of freezing anything made of meat. Whenever a person especially child comes to his shop to buy ice-cream, he freezes them and then kidnaps that person in the room that is in the back of his kitchen full of meat.To accomplish your task, explore the missions of this horror game and resolve different mysteries and puzzles of ice cream van, avoid to make noise or you’ll be found by the evil, summer Ice-Scream man. Your job is to go to Ice Scream man Café and see what is happening there, where he hides all the people. You have to be very careful because he can hear your presence in his café and if he finds you he will freeze you and then also kidnap you and put you in the room. You won’t be able to run from his spell. It murders everybody who hinders it. Keep your eyes open and use your skills to escape from it to remain alive. Attempt to follow its movement in ice cream van, else it will discover, care and slaughter you in ice-cream game.All the levels are so adventurous and scary in icecream cafe that you will not get bored with ice screem. Every level requires a different type of skill for completing it. You have to be very careful so that Ice Scream won’t capture you in ice-cream cafe. In the first level, you have to find the key in the ice screem van and open the front door of parlor without anyone noticing you. So in this level you have to be very careful and work silently. In second level, you have to enter the parlor and this requires a lot of planning that how to enter in the parlor without getting noticed. You have to find a map that is somewhere in the café ice-scream and grab it. That map will tell you your next missions. In the third level, you have to go to the van to find the code that opens the room in which people are hiding. After cracking the code you have to save people. In the next adventurous mission and a lot difficult than previous one, you have to cut all the electrical connections of the café and for that purpose you have to first find a plier and cut connections with it dangerous.Features of this Scary ice Scream cafe: Branny ice screem 2020:A very creepy, evil and dangerous ice-cream man.High quality graphics.Unexpected encounters with the Ice Scream man that will make you terrified.Realistic 3D model of horrifying café and scary basement.Horrifying sound effects on every action for creating a new level of fear.Nightmarish atmosphere.Intense and challenging and mysterious gameplay.Different tools to help you in accomplish to escape from this creepy Ice Scream man.A challenge of survival completely different.One Life only to escape alive!Enjoy & run! Survival is about to start...If you know how to improve this survival horror game - just leave feedback!Each update will bring new content, fixes, and improvements based on your comments.
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