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Welcome to the most hard battleground of the Earth, prepare yourself for the most difficult battle of your life and start to loot as soon as you can because this is Pixel Battlegrounds Royale: the best battle royale mobile of the moment! Don’t be afraid of your enemies and shoot them with all the guns which we have created for you. Be the last survivor and you will win the battle royale against 32 players around the world!Pixel Battlegrounds Royale is a mix between a battle royale and a shooting game but with the difference that all the battlegrounds, guns, heroes, characters and skins are made with pixels! Everybody knows minecraf and all these pixel games so we created the best of both worlds to launch the best pixel battle royale of the moment!There are many battle royale games on the play store but we have introduce more features than competition and now you can take advantage of the best guns: scar-h, snipers, ak47 and all the main loot of the battle royales to beat the enemies so yes, we have an unique online battle royale for mobiles and it is totally free!!The pixel art is very addictive although at the beginning it seems which is a game of bad quality, when you get used to play this battle royale, you won’t be able to stop of playing. We introduced many different battlegrounds to loot so jump from the plane with your hero and select the pixel battleground where you want to survive, you can choose between Hideout, Ship, Maze, Trainyard among many others.You can loot many different guns and categories but the most powerful weapon is the legendary scar-h and the epic ak47. You will be dangerous with these guns but if one enemy with a sniper shoot on your head, you are dead my friend. Don’t let that the storm hurts you and run until the safe zone, then you will have to survive until winning the battle royale!The pixel battle royale has begun and you have to be careful with all the enemies who you will find in this online battle royale, the storm is dangerous and you will need to pass between the enemies to win in this shooting game!Pixel Battlegrounds Royale has very easy controls for the mobile, so have fun with our pixel style and enjoy the best free and online battle royale of this year. Pixel Battlegrounds royale is here and it will stay for a long time to give us the best battles of the history of shooting games.The features of this battle royale are:-Online multiplayer: Beat enemies of each battle and you will be the winner of the best battle royale!-Different modes: You can enter on the battleground alone or you can call a buddy for the duo mode, shooting with a friend is even more funny!-Special Loot: Rare, epic and legendary guns like ak47, scar-h and the best snipers are available as rewards when you win a battle!-Battle pass: Buy the battle pass and you will have a lot of skins, guns and content for enjoying this battle royale. Your hero will be more cool than your enemies!-Different battlegrounds: In Pixel Battlegrounds Royale you will have a lot of different battlegrounds to loot and discover. Jump from the plane and select the best place for you!-Powerful Storm: Be away from the storm because if not you will die before fighting with the enemies!-Tons of items to collect: Apart from the weapons and gus, you will have a lot of different items to collect: dances, skins, and even heroes to choose and enter in this battle royaleWe know that we have taken time to create this battle royale, but we know that there is not a better shooting game than this battle royale. Download now Pixel Battlegrounds Royale and be the king of the battleground!Loot, shoot and win with Pixel Battlegrounds Royale, the best battle royale of 2019
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Version : 0.0.15 for Android 4.1 or higher

Update on : 2019-07-17

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