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Tow Truck Driving Simulator 2020

Fasten your seat belt once again! Get ready to sit behind a police tow truck steering wheel and take part in crazy emergency rescue operations! Accidents and damaged cars have blocked traffic on city roads due to accidents. Rescue people in trouble when you drive your tow truck on city roads. Help drivers by forklifting as a driver of a truck crane and complete rescue missions by clearing wrecked cars. Enjoy the thrill of manual car driving with car lift option! Tow cars and lift them safely to the garage. Tow Truck Simulator 2020 has an all new experience as a driver of heavy crane machinery and forklift. Stay ready for an emergency 911 call for help and lift cars with a heavy crane and forklift! Act as a car transporter, navigate and transport cars to the garage. Have fun driving inside the city in our latest tow truck simulation and parking game! Extreme obstacles and challenges in a beautiful 3D environment where people are waiting for their vehicle to be towed! Start your duty in our latest car tow truck driver 3D for free as an ultimate police tow truck driver! Lift, park and save busted cars!Test your driving, parking and transportation skills in this amazing 3D driving simulator game. With so many wrecked cars, you have to complete your transport job within a given time frame to start the recovery service. The service center for repair needs damaged cars so drive, park and get broken cars in our latest Tow Truck Driving Simulator 2020! Drive, park and transport your police tow truck on wonderful city streets and highways and tow all kinds of vehicles including cars in this car transporting simulator. Unlock new vehicles for fast driving, car transporting and best trucking experience! Help drivers in difficulty by towing cars and taking their damaged cars in city workshops to work like a 911 emergency service. Become the best police tow truck driver with skilled driving and by completing difficult jobs as this is not a simple truck simulator. Drive and follow instructions to search out destroyed cars, park them close to workshop and hook by the tow crane and transport. Become the best police tow truck driver. Even if you cannot drive in the real world, now you will be able to drive a motortruck within the real transporter driving simulator game.Ready to complete the challenging mission? Waiting for the emergency rescue call? In our latest 2020 Tow Truck Driving Simulator: Emergency Rescue you tow vehicles and drive them to a repair workshop for maintenance. Drive your puller truck in reverse to connect your hooks with wrecked transport vehicles. The public is calling for help as their cars are broken or damaged, you are the police emergency tow truck driver. Provide amazing recovery trucker service and improve your driving skills as an expert trucker! Notice broken or damaged cars in town as a police emergency tow car driver and transport it to car service stations. Easy work for a rescue truck driver. Our latest driving simulator in 3D environment is more entertaining than driving a simple and easy police car transporter! Act like a real tow truck driver and lift cars with your tow truck one by one and drop them off to the garage. Offer the transport job when needed! Be the extreme reckless driver by providing fast services as a crazy car tow truck driver!Tow Truck Driving Simulator 2020: Emergency Rescue Game Features: • Easy Yet Realistic Police Tow Truck Driving Simulator• Driving, Parking and Transportation Experience in One Game• Transport Damaged Cars to Workshop for Maintenance Service• Real Experience of Police Tow Truck, Crane and Forklift Driving• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes & Lifting controls• Amazing 3D Graphics UI/UX & Environment• Real Experience of Driving Heavy police Tow Truck
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Version : 1.1 for Android 4.1 or higher

Update on : 2019-12-10

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