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Trash Card Game

Trash Card Game is a fun, easy to play card game.The game is played with a standard deck of cards and each side starting with 10 face down cards. The remaining cards are placed face down between the players. The first player draws a card and if it is an Ace through 10, it can be placed face up in the first (Ace), second (two of any suit), third or so on place. The card that was face down in that slot is then available for the player to use, if it can be used. If it cannot be used it is discarded and the opponent then takes a turn.One of the Face Cards (Jacks, Queens or Kings) is considered a wild card (this can be configured in the game) and if, for example, Jacks are Wild, then a Jack of any suit can be placed in one of the 10 slots.As game play continues, if a Jack was, for example, placed in the 3s slot and then a player draws a 3 of any suit, the drawn 3 can be placed where the Jack was and then the Jack becomes re-playable in any open slot.The first side to fill up all 10 slots wins the hand and the game is restarted except that for the winner of the first hand, a slot is removed. This means that one side would have to fill nine slots and the other side would have to fill 10 slots.The overall game is won once a side has removed (by winning) all 10 slots.
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Version : 3.0 for Android 4.1 or higher

Update on : 2019-12-29

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