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Virtual Reality (VR) Flight gives you the real feeling of flying an airplane.Ready to be a professional pilot? Jump into the world of VR Flight and take to the skies as you fly your plane above a dense populated city environment. Although many forms of non-motorized aerosports like skydiving, hang gliding or a even wingsuit diving can bring exhilarating thrills, the feeling of controlling a large piece of flying metal in the skies is something that gives tremendous empowerment. The combination of virtual reality, pixel perfect graphics and a realistic (yet easy) flight sim model gives you this true sensation. Are you the next hero in the skies?ControlsThe controls are easy and intuitive and work on phones with or without a gyroscope. To turn left/right tilt your head in that direction. You'll feel the plane bank accordingly.To dive down tilt your head downwards and you'll start dropping altitude and flying towards the ground. To climb tilt upward and you'll start gaining altitude.Take some time to practice and you'll soon master the skies like a true pro.Sit back and enjoy the view - Passenger (demo) flightJust want to relax and enjoy the experience and view? No worries you can select Passenger Flight from the main menu and a professional pilot will tour you around the city and you can relax and view the sites in gorgeous 360 VR.Large MapThe city environment beneath you is crafted in great details with awesome special effects such as the blue reflection of the skyscraper windows. The light red haze in the distance as the morning breaks and the morning fog all make the city feel realistic. The flying area is a huge (infinite) flight map allowing you to freely roam the skies without flight plan. Choose your flight path, but always be aware of your surroundings and be aware of you flight controls and horizon. In free flight mode you can to what you want, how you want. Prefer an air race type flying style with aerobatic flight maneuvers, or do you like gently gliding the skies like an angel? This sim lets you experience real flight.Overcome your fearDo you have fear of flying? Take the bull by the horns and start flying a plane now. This is a gentle way to experience flight and overcome your fear of flying.Send your ideasPlease leave a review with any comments or ideas; we're planning great updates featuring new planes, locations and missions. We look forward to hear from you and who knows, maybe your suggestions will be in the next update.________________________________Find more on your VR Discovery and join us on social media:- Like us on Facebook- View our videos on YouTube- Follow us on Twitter
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Version : 1.1.0 for Android 4.4 or higher

Update on : 2019-08-11

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