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xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning solution for your BMW with ZF6HP or ZF8HP automatic transmission. xHP is the only tool that focuses fully on getting the best from your Auto-Transmission and is the worldwide leading solution for BMW vehicles. xHP put's the power to fully customize your automatic transmission at your hands. Connect your Android smartphone to your car and customize around 100 maps by yourself or choose from pre-defined OTS maps in the xHP in-App Store. The ZF Autos are used throughout the whole BMW range, from the 1-series hatchbacks, to the mighty Alpina and M cars!While the hardware stays widely the same, throughout all applications and is mainly divided in only 2 types (6HP19/21 and 6HP26/28 for 6-Speed, 8HP45/50 and 8HP70/75 for 8-Speed), the software inside the controller makes it possible to adapt the transmission, to every vehicle and mimic a wide range of driver styles. Smooth and comfy in the Diesel applications, the same transmission can be tweaked to deliver snap-on take-off behavior, surprisingly fast shift times and even race-style throttle blips on downshifts. Tweaking your transmission is not only about getting quicker, or holding more power. An automatic transmission is deeply involved into vehicle dynamics and contributes very much to the overall driving experience. From crawling in traffic, over city driving, to taking your vehicle to the drag strip or a race track, the TCU widely defines how your car feels. Like everyone drives different with a manual, the maps inside the TCU hide the secrets to tweak your automatic transmission to your personal likings and finally experience what BMW promised you once in the glossy brochure: Sheer driving pleasure!For a seamless start, please read the manual on needed hardware and prerequisites: https://www.xhpflashtool.com/fileadmin/user_upload/manuals/xhp_manual_en.pdfTo connect to your car, you have 3 options: Wifi Thor Adapter, the upcoming MHD Wifi Adapter or a standard OBD INPA USB cable!Available here:https://www.ecstuning.com/b-thor-parts/obd-ii-wifi-dongle/obd2wifi1~thr/www.bimmer-connect.comwww.bimmergeeks.net
xHP Flashtool APK Version History
xHP Flashtool 3.5.5 for Android 4.3 or higher APK Download

Version : 3.5.5 for Android 4.3 or higher

Update on : 2020-01-28

Download APK (76.35 MB)

xHP Flashtool 3.5.3 for Android 4.3 or higher APK Download

Version : 3.5.3 for Android 4.3 or higher

Update on : 2020-01-14

Download APK (76.35 MB)

xHP Flashtool 3.5.2 for Android 4.3 or higher APK Download

Version : 3.5.2 for Android 4.3 or higher

Update on : 2019-12-06

Download APK (76.31 MB)

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